Download High Quality Wallpapers And IM Goodies Of WALL E

WALL E is another excellent animation movie that I saw recently. As a fan of WALL E I Googled for free wallpapers and other stuff that I can use to decorate my desktop. Here are the few sources of high quality wallpapers and instant messenger goodies available on the Internet for FREE.

WALL E Wallpapers

The official web site of WALL E and MSN UK has some high quality wallpapers that fits to most of the desktop background resolutions(800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960 &1600×1200)

wall-e-high-quality-wallpaper-3 wall-e-high-quality-wallpaper-4

WALL E Windows Live Messenger Display Images and Backgrounds

The MSN UK website has some cool goodies for Windows Live Instant Messenger users. You can download Displays Images, Backgrounds, winks and more

windows-live-messenger-display-image-1 windows-live-messenger-display-image-4 windows-live-messenger-display-image-2 windows-live-messenger-display-image-3

WALL E AOL Instant Messenger Icons

You can download Icons for your AOL Instant messenger from WALL E Official Website

wall-e-aol-instant-messenger-icons-3 wall-e-aol-instant-messenger-icons wall-e-aol-instant-messenger-icons-1 wall-e-aol-instant-messenger-icons-2

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Images from WALL E Official Website and MSN UK WALL E Website

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