How Google Wants To Destroy Microsoft Windows [Comic]

Google vs. Microsoft


3 thoughts on “How Google Wants To Destroy Microsoft Windows [Comic]”

  1. The first window says = “Surely…I gotta do something about Microsoft’s control over me”

    The second window = He acts upon it and severely transforms the caricature of Microsoft

    The third window = Now nobody like Microsoft’s browser controls me. I got me own………………GoogleChrome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There has been lot of discussion going about this,its the colors that matched Google and Google chrome not the design since yellow ,green ,blue and red are primary colors Google used them.In the title of post destroy looks not good it is better if you have used Overcome , and the title doesn’t match the image you may have”Google Copied colors from Microsoft for logo “might have much better..This is my personal opinion only sorry if I have hurted you by saying this.

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