The Basic Analysis of LUNA Distribution

In this article we aim to assess this claim for LUNA. How much of circulating supply is held by the top 100 addresses? Top 1%? Top 10%?

Crypto opponents often accuse crypto tokens of being monopolized in the hands of a few whales because of wealth inequality. In other words, only a few whales own the full amount of LUNA tokens and most of the rest hold a small amount of tokens. Here we can see an inequality between the top LUNA holders and the rest of the LUNA holders .

As you can see in the chart below, the Top 100 LUNA holders and the amount of LUNA they hold are displayed. In total, the top 100 holders of LUNA account for just under 75% of the total market capitalization while the rest of the holders account for only 25%. Only the top 4 addresses holds the 25% of total LUNA . I believe that it provides a good understanding of the inequality of holding/assessing LUNA tokens.

Below are the graphs showing the top 1% and top 10% of the LUNA tokens claimed against the rest of the tokens. By comparing the Top 1 Percent Luna Holders with the rest of the LUNA holders, the Top 1 Percent Luna Holders are the largest contributors (94.31%) to total balance.

By comparing the Top 10 Percent LUNA holders with the rest of the LUNA holders, the Top 10 % LUNA holders are the largest contributors (99.04%) to total balance.

The following graph shows the number of LUNA tokens claimed by top 100 addresses compared with the rest of the claimers. In total, we have 353,164,455.88 in balance across all categories.From the 2 categories, Category TOP 100 Luna Holders contributes the most (75.97%) to the balance. LUNA holders who are in the top 100 have almost three times more money than the rest of the LUNA holders.

American wealth Distribution

The INSIDERS article “The top 1% officially have more money than the whole middle class” illustrates the inequality of wealth distribution in the USA. Recent data from the Federal Reserve on wealth distribution in the US shows that by the second quarter of 2021, the top 1% of Americans by income owned an aggregate net worth of $36.2 trillion, which surpassed the $35.7 trillion held by the middle 60%. Since the Federal Reserve began tracking this data in 1989, the top 1%’s wealth has been above the middle 60%’s wealth for the first time. We can see this change in the picture below.

Source: Insider

The report shows that the top 1% of Americans possess more wealth than the middle class. Similarly, in the LUNA system, more than 90% of the LUNA tokens are owned by the top 1% of holders.

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