Highway Trends Between UST and LUNA

We can view the discussion about the daily burned LUNA , minted LUNA, and UST Supply in this dashboard.

As we can see below, the chart shows the daily supply of UST versus the supply of burnt LUNA and minted LUNA versus UST supply. Furthermore, the chart shows their swaps since 30 days ago. These data can be used to analyze trends,

  • If we look at the burnt LUNA , there was a maximum burnt LUNA of 2.76M observed on February 24, 2022. There is an increasing trend for Burnt Luna.
  • Observations of the Minted Luna show a declining trend. The maximum was 403.51K on January 28, 2022. Initially there were more minted LUNA later gradually the minting was reduced .
  • Supply of UST is increasing day by day and in general we can say that supply growth has been stable recently.
  • Initially, we do not see many swaps of Burnt LUNA. Later, on March 31, 2022, a maximum burnt LUNA swap of 6.74K was observed. We can gradually see the Burnt LUNA Swaps increasing in frequency again.
  • There were plenty of minted LUNA swaps initially, but later on they all declined considerably. Then again, from March onwards, we can see an increasing trend of minted LUNA swaps. 
  • We can finally say that the minting of LUNA has been declining day by day over the past 30 days. During the same period, the Burnt LUNA was steadily on the rise as well.

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