Hopped Bridge Volume To Other Blockchains

Using this dashboard, we aim to show the volume of Hop’s bridges to Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum compared to their native bridges? How much TVL does Hop have in total? Analyze how Hop’s TVL has changed over a chosen period of time.

  • Based on the analysis of data in this dashboard, we can see that more than 85% of total transfers and transactions were generated by native protocols.
  • Compared to the other two blockchains (Arbitrum and Polygon), we can see that the Ethereum 2 to optimism blockchain bridge has seen an increase in new users.
  • As we can see in the Ethereum 2 to other blockchain bridge Transaction Volume, the number of transactions on the Ethereum 2 to optimism and arbitrum blockchain bridges has increased over time.
  • There are more Ethereum 2 to polygon and optimism blockchain bridges with more transactions, but there are fewer transactions on Arbitrum blockchain bridges when we look at Ethereum 2 to other blockchain bridges.
  • As we can see by looking at the Hop Protocol TVL over the last 30 days, it has been on a downward trend. May 5, 2022 was the peak TVL time, and June 19, 2022 was the minimum TVL time.

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