Voting Analysis on Solana

In this article, the goal is to present the visualization for comparing the number of votes and non-votes per block since the beginning of February, and also what is the average ratio of votes to non-votes per block?

From the graph below you can see how many Vote transactions and Non Vote transactions have occurred since the beginning of February. A maximum of 193.17M votes were transacted on February 7, 2022.There is an increasing trend in vote transactions. The maximum number of non-vote transactions was 63.04M on February 7, 2022. There is a decreasing trend in non-vote transactions.

In order to get a better understanding of these votes, we will discuss them in terms of distributing them by percentage of voting transactions, as shown in the following graph . This diagram illustrates the distribution of blocks based on the percentage of voting transactions. The voting transactions were classified as shown in the following graph.Based on the below graph from February 3,2022 to February 6,2022, we see the number of ‘More than 95% Voting Transactions’ has suddenly jumped from 4.1% to 14%. That means the number of ‘More than 95% Voting Transactions’ has increased significantly by around 10%. A total Percentage Of Blocks Per Category of 1.59 (L. Less than 5% Voting Transactions) is lowest, and a total Percentage Of Blocks Per Category of 498.1 is highest (D. 70%-80% Voting Transactions).

Based on the below heat map, it is evident that D. 70%-80% Voting Transactions Percentages Of Voting Transaction Category contributed for 35.7% of total blocks per category.

The following graph shows how all blocks compare in terms of the percentage of Voting transactions on each day. Likewise, we cannot see much variation in any other Percentage of Vote Transaction category except ’70-80% Voting Transactions’ and ‘More than 95% Voting Transactions’ categories.

We can see that there is a distinct change in the percentages of vote transactions for the ’70-80% Vote Transactions’ and ‘More than 95% Vote Transactions’ categories from Feb 3-6, 2022.

From the below tweet we can see the @Solana Riptide Global Hackathon launch. And we can consider this as the first online Hackathon.

On Feb 2,2022 , Solana Riptide Global Hackathon was launched. During Solana hackathons, the community is able to come together and learn about the technology as well as build and experiment with projects that could have a real impact on the ecosystem’s growth.” It may be the cause of fluctuating percentages of votes on all blocks.

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