An Analysis Of Whale Transaction Volumes With Sushsiwap

In this dashboard, we aim to show the Whale transaction volumes with Sushiswap . For that we considers as a swap volume of wallets with over 1 million Sushi tokens as whales.And also we are looking at how has this volume changed over time? How has the number of ‘whales’ changed over time?

In this dashboard, we considered all wallets with over 1 million Sushi tokens to be whale wallets and did an analysis based on that.

On this page we can view a list of the total number of whales in sushiswap every day as well as a summary of the average sushi balance of these whales every day. A maximum of 34 whales was spotted on January 22, 2022. Whales are showing an increasing trend.Average Sushi Balance shows a decreasing trend.

Our chart shows that December 4, 2021, was when the most swap volume was recorded at 5.94M.There is a downward trend in swap volume. There is also a graph showing how many Sushiswap whales, out of all whales, have used Sushiswap on the given day. If we go by this then there is the maximum number of whales left with Sushiswap on December 4, 2021.

According to the analysis, the number of sushi whales has increased during the past three months, but the average amount of sushi consumed by these whales has decreased. This might be due to price fluctuations in the SUSHI token over the past few months.

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