Bridgesplit and MonkeDAO’s DAOJONES

Through Bridgesplit, a unique asset can become liquid and yield generative through NFT-collateralized lending, indexes, and more. In essence, Bridgesplit can provide with NFT fractionalization. During December, Bridgesplit and @MonkeDAO partnered for Solana’s largest fractionalization.

One of the hottest innovation’s in the Solana ecosystem is MonkeDAO’s first fractionalized NFT asset enabled by BridgeSplit. According to the provided tweet, a certain MonkeDAO’s NFT DAOJONES was active on bridgesplit.

MonkeDAO : It is Solana’s first network operator in the form of an NFT DAO. Through its community-led projects, connections, and innovations, MonkeDAO strives to become the premier decentralized community of Web3. In order to pursue further initiatives that could benefit all SMB( Solana Monkey Business) holders, MonkeDAO, a community-run decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) established independently by NFT holders, requires additional funding.

In this chart, we can see the number of distinct wallets that transacted with DAOJONES every day, along with the overall daily transaction volume. There will be more DAOJONES to SOL and SOL to DAOJONES transactions on Jan 15,2022. On January 15, 2022, there was a maximum swap amount of $221.35.

The following chart shows the percentages of swap volumes with DAOJONES. In this case, we can observe that a greater percentage of volume transactions occurred from DAOJONES to SOL.

Here from the below graph we can see distinct users of DAOJONES .In January 15, 2022, users reached a maximum of 14 and in December 23, 2021, users reached a minimum of 1.

We can see below how many distinct wallets made transactions with DAOJONES within a day using the graph.A maximum of 13.76K transactions were recorded on December 25, 2021. There were 9.58K transactions initially, but now almost 100% of transactions have been halted. Transactions show a decreasing trend.


Based on the above analysis,

  • The number of total transactions on January 16, 2022 and January 7, 2022 was lower than average, whereas the number on December 15, 2021 was higher than average. Moreover, on the same day, we can see an increase in swap volume with DAOJONES and a maximum number of unique users.
  • On Dec 15,2021 we can see the peak amount of trading volume and seemingly “”hype”” around DAOJONES.
  • And also there was the most 14 number of wallets that made a transaction with DAOJONES in a single day.

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