Distribution Of LUNA for Active Wallets

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the distribution of LUNA held by active wallets (i.e. wallets with at least one transaction within the past 90 days).

A stablecoin that can be tied to any kind of fiat currency can be produced, managed and traded using the Terra LUNA decentralized finance (DeFi) blockchain protocol.As a result of Terra protocols, stablecoin developers have been able to build Terra DeFi projects, which include two cryptocurrencies: Terra and LUNA.

As the name suggests, in the post we are defining active users as those who are either trading tokens or transferring tokens. Below is a graph that shows the number of active wallets categorized by the LUNA tokens held. In the “Less than 100” wallet category, there are most active LUNA wallets, and therefore the majority of active LUNA wallets are in this category. On the other hand, the LUNAs with “100+ to 500” users are the next ones up. There were less than 100 Categories that contributed to 96.45% of total wallets.

The below chart shows the percentage distribution of LUNA for active wallets. Here, users with “less than 100” LUNA have almost 96.4% of active wallets. This means that the majority of active wallets hold less than 100 LUNA each. The total number of wallets across all categories is 689.2k.

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