How does capital move across the Sushiswap ecosystem?

In this post we are going to explore how liquidity is moving inside Sushiswap ecosystem. We limit the scope of this post to liquidity providers who are adding liquidity into the pools

The following chart shows the number of “Add Liquidity” transactions observed in Sushiswap ecosystem. On average we see around 300 transactions per day but during the peak time we observed more than 750 transactions in a day.

Now let us look at the number of unique users providing liquidity to the liquidity pools. Roughly around 10 liquidity providers are actively adding / removing liquidity to the Sushiswap ecosysteem except on Nov 5th. We see an spike of liquidity providers activity on Nov 5th and around 37 users provided liquidity.

Now let us look at the average amount of liquidity provided per transaction by pool. The following chart shows the average liquidity provided per transaction.

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