With over 7000+ dApps and 135M+ unique addresses, Polygon is the biggest decentralized Ethereum scaling platform. With its robust security and ultra low transaction fees, Polygon is quickly becoming the blockchain of choice for high engagement applications like social networks and Play To Earn games. Polygon recently announced a 100 million USD fund aimed at advancing blockchain gaming development and adoption. As part of our effort to understand Polygon’s gaming ecosystem, we built this dashboard using the Flipside Crypto data warehouse. As part of our data exploration, we identified the top 10 gaming applications using the three metrics Market Capitalization, Number of Token Holders and Total Token Transfers. In those 10 gaming applications, Pegaxy caught our attention because of its high marketplace engagement and superior horse racing feature.  In this deep dive we discovered a variety of metrics about Pagaxy world that you can use to explore and learn more about the system. 

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