Trade Pairs On The Orca Exchange

With Orca, you can exchange cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain in an incredibly fast and user-friendly manner. It is said that Orca is the easiest cryptocurrency exchange on the Solana blockchain. It is a pure AMM DEX based on Solana, with its own liquidity pools.

Here are some of the main features of Orca:

  • Orca facilitates the exchange of tokens using its own pool, instead of relying on Serum for liquidity. Note: A core part of the ecosystem, serum provides services to its ecosystem applications, each with their own technology and users. Serum’s ecosystem and liquidity can be leveraged by anyone. 
  • Like other AMMs, Orca provides liquidity pools for its LPs and rewards them with a portion of the trading fees earned.
  • in this ,a few liquidity pools will become aquafarms (not all the pools). Liquidity providers are currently paid commissions for their participation in Orca’s pools. However, liquidity providers in Aquafarms will also earn ORCA tokens in addition to trading fees. 
  • For LPs, Orca allows very fast like a lightning speed swaps and low fees (e.g., for a 1 second settlement, gas costs $0.00002). And the 0.3% trading fee goes automatically into liquidity pools after every swap.

Here’s the dashboard that shows the Orcas trading pairs, swap volumes, and transactions since February 1, 2022. It will also be possible for you to see the daily top 5 swap pairs, based on the volume of transactions and trades per day, as well as which trading pairs continue to remain in the top 5 each day. In this analysis, we were looking at trading pairs which contain USDT or USDC at least once to calculate the sales volume.

According to the chart below, the maximum swap volume was $260.03M on March 4, 2022. According to the top five swap pairs by swap volume, ‘usd coin->usdt’ swap pairs contributed for almost half of total Swap Amount, and together the ‘usd coin->usdt ‘and ‘usd coin->wrapped sol’ swap pairs contributed for over six fifths of total Swap Amount.

In Orca’s Stablecoin Pools, their customers receive extremely high interest rates, so they are very popular. Furthermore, it also offers users up to 35% APR for liquidity provision when integrating Orca’s user interface with a smooth environment when they connect their wallets. In addition, users will benefit from a much higher APR by funding the USDC/USDT pool. As a result of all these additional advantages, Stablecoin pools are extremely popular on Orca, and also by volume they remain among the top 5 each day.

We can see that from the following tweet,

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