Popular Gaming Crypto Tokens on Sushiswap

Play to Earn is the latest trend in the gaming industry that aims to provide gamers with a gaming experience that is enjoyable, but also provides them with a way to earn money. The majority of video games reward players with NFTs and in-game cryptocurrencies for their actions. These in-game crypto currencies can be used to purchase characters, weapons, and can also be traded on distributed exchanges for other currencies like USDC, ETH, etc. 

Lets us look at the gaming currencies swapped on Sushiswap. Illuvium, Yield Guild Games, Decentraland, Axie Infinity and Gala have ranked in the top 5 of most popular gaming currencies according to data available on flipside crypto data warehouse. Illuvium tokens are by far the most popular tokens among these top 5 currencies, accounting for around 48% of the total trading volume on Sushiswap. The second place is taken by Yield Guild Games token, with 26% of its trading volume, followed by Decentraland, with 14% of trading volume.

If we take a look at the monthly trading volume of these tokens on Sushiswap, we notice that token swaps involving Illuvium tokens are consistently contributing most of the trading volume. Nonetheless, we have seen signs of Axie Infinity and Decentraland in recent months, especially when there is a great deal of attention on social media and Discord.

So what are the popular tokens used by those who swap for gaming tokens? Here is a chart showing the popular tokens used for getting gaming tokens on Sushiswap.

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