Terra Blockchain – Top 25 Delegators and their Validators

Terra Blockchain is powered by set of Validators who secure its network. Validators run a full node and participate in consensus of blocks by voting. The votes contains cryptographic signatures signed with private key of the Validator. As a reward to keeping the network secure and running it, Terra Blockchain rewards them with LUNA tokens.

Another set of key partners in the Terra Blockchain are its delegators. The Delegators are LUNA holders who do not want to run a full node but wants to participate in running the blockchain. These Delegators delegate their tokens to Validators and receive income in return. In this post we are going to explore the top 25 delegators of the ecosystem and to which Validator their tokens are delegated.

Lets us start by going through the list of top 25 Delegators and the LUNA they delegated in Terra Blockchain ecosystem. As you see in the table below, 45 Millions of LUNA is held by top 5 delegators.

Here is a diagram that shows the relationship of top Delegators with Validators. This is a nice sankey chart that shows the Delegators on left and the Validators on right. The lines flow left to right represent that at least once the Delegator has delegated their LUNA tokens to the Validators connected on the right. As you see in the diagram most of the Delegators are diversifying their LUNA with Validators and not keeping all their eggs in a single basket.

Top 25 Delegators and their Validators
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