Terra Users Past 90 Days

In this dashboard, we aim to consider a wallet addresses whose first transaction was 90 days ago or less. We aim to analyze how active they have been since that first transaction, based on either

  1. The Number of Transactions
  2. The Number of protocols interacted with, that means the contracts or
  3. The Number of different types of transactions undertaken. (deposit, delegate, vote) And how many days they were active out of these 90 days.

The below dashboard shows us the number of daily active users in the Past 90 days.


From the analysis of data here,

  • Avg Transactions shows a decreasing trend. And also, the Category ‘1-5 Transactions‘ make up the highest percentage (69.06%) of the total Wallets among all four categories. Thus, we see that more than 60% of wallet transactions were between ‘1-5 transactions‘.
  • Average Contracts shows a decreasing trend. Category ‘4-5 Contracts‘ contributes the most (53.39%) to the total Wallets out of the four categories. It means that wallets that have almost more than 50% of transactions have done so with ‘4-5 contracts.
  • A majority of these 90 day wallets are active for only one day, with almost 45% active for just one day.

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