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The purpose of this article is to show the sales volume and unique wallet purchases since January 1st on Magic Eden. In anticipation of DeadGods, are there certain traits that have become increasingly popular in NFT metadata? Does anyone swap for $DUST on Jupiter? What’s the correlation between those wallets that purchased the most DeGods? When DeadGods launches on March 31st, how will the price of the DeGods collection and $DUST change?

What is DeGods?

DeGods, a deflationary collection by Solana from 10,000 virtual gods displaying artistry through their creative outfits and eye-pleasing colors, is a collection that focuses on art and style. Magic Eden is the marketplace that sells the collection’s NFTs. 

NFT: Cryptographic assets on blockchain with unique identifiers and metadata are known as “non-fungible tokens,” and some of the prices being paid for them are insane.

The only way that DeGod holders can access DeDAO’s channels is to belong to the collection’s Discord Community, which is exclusive to the collection’s owners. DeDAO is an autonomous, decentralized organization that receives funds through marketplace fees of 9.99%. DeDAO receives 6.66% of this fee, while DeGods’ core team receives 3.33%.  

Tokens of DUST: How to get them?

There will be a limited supply of 33,300,000 Dust Tokens available as the collection’s native digital currency. As part of DUST’s halving periods, the token’s stake rewards will be reduced by 50%. These periods will occur three (3) times. 

DUST tokens can be earned in two (2) ways. First, by staking. Staking their NFTs will earn DeGods holders 10 DUST coins every day in addition to passive income and ready ROI. Second, Burning .Furthermore, holders have the option of burning their DeGods, so the god has been permanently removed from circulation after being burned. DeGod’s collection will gain value when the god is gone. 

DeGods Sales On MagicEden

From the graphs below, we can see the daily sales volume, transactions, and average sales volume of DeDogs since January 2022 on Magic Eden. On February 14, 2022, we observed the highest Sales Volume(SOL) of $2.62K, and on March 12, 2022, the lowest Sales Volume(SOL). Sales Volume(SOL) is on the decrease since the beginning of 2022.

January 27, 2022 was the highest day for Transactions, at 135; February 24, 2022 was the lowest day for Transactions, at 1. There has been a decreasing trend for Transactions.During the period of January last week, it seems the number of transactions was on the rise. Later, on Feb 14,2022, we saw a sudden increase in transactions, but later there were very few.

There was a maximum average sale amount of 103.67 recorded on February 22, 2022. This indicates an upward trend for average sales. We see that the average sale volume is very low when we first start and increases as time goes on.

As can be seen from the graph below, who purchases the most number of NFTs among the top20.  Here, we can see the wallet “6JNYx2fvBA4crZwjEGWBpwpivaUyaJsZDJ4yzH6kmBdt” purchased 30 NFTs, which is the maximum quantity of NFTs a single buyer can purchase.

In the graph below you can see who spent the most on NFT purchases among the top 20. It spent the maximum amount of 400 from the wallet “4feGgguZ8pfDacgzWMk2rpp4odg53QvY86TjoPtycFbF” to purchase a DeGods NFT.

Clearly we can see from the below graph which NFT was sold at the highest price and how much it was sold for.

For $DUST on Jupiter

In the graph below we can see the number of DUST swap transactions on Jupiter on a daily basis. We can observe a maximum of 71 and 50 transactions of $DUST on March 22nd, and 23rd 2022, respectively. Total Swaps in March 22, 2022 is higher than normal.

An amount of 2.48K was observed as the maximum swapped amount (SOL) in March 27, 2022. The value of swapped amount (SOL) showed an increasing trend.
Total Amount Swapped (sol) in March 27, 2022, and March 22, 2022 is higher than normal .

Below is a graph showing the top 10 DUST swap purchasers as defined by the amount swapped. Among this top 10 purchasers, Purchaser ’49A3gjre7o68vfK5iAN4kCLZYWq1K5QGT3ym4f81nXMj’ accounted for more than 30% of the swapped amounts.


From the above analysis,

  • As we discussed DeGods have risen to become one of the most valuable NFT collections on Solana with an extremely devoted community. And from the visualizations of their sales volume and unique wallet purchases since January 2022 on Magic Eden are in decreasing trend .
  • Here you can see the top 20 purchasers who bought most NFTs and who spent the most amount to purchase NFTs. Here we can see that the purchaser “6JNYx2fvBA4crZwjEGWBpwpivaUyaJsZDJ4yzH6kmBdt” bought the most number of NFTs and the purchaser “4feGgguZ8pfDacgzWMk2rpp4odg53QvY86TjoPtycFbF” spent the most amount on purchasing these NFTs.
  • DeGods created the $DUST token for NFT auctions, which will be required for modifying DeGod art to become a DeadGod. Here, we can see the amount of $DUST being swapped on Jupiter, as well as the swapping transactions for $DUST on Jupiter. ‘
  • DUST and DeGods are correlated in the opposite direction by reducing DeGods can give us more $DUST tokens, and vice versa.

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