Top Contributors of ConstitutionDAO

There are thirteen surviving copies of the original print of the United States Constitution. When one of those rare copies became available for purchase, an organization called ConstitutionDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), raised funds in Ether crypto currency and tried to buy it from a dealer called Sotheby’s. Apparently the high stakes bidding caught the attention of the internet and caused quite a stir in the crypto world.

To the disappointment for crypto enthusiasts, the ConstitutionDAO lost the auction and was unable to acquire the rare copy of the United States Constitution. In this post lets us check the top 25 donor to the ConstitutionDAO !

The following chart shows the top 25 donors and the top most donor donated 1,000 ETH tokens and it was worth 4.28 million US dollars on the day of donation. The top 25 donors together donated 4,784 ETH tokens!

After loosing the bid what they do with their donations? The donors had two choices – they could either redeem their Ethereum or swap the PEOPLE token received in exchange for ETH on Uniswap.

The following chart shows the what did those 25 donor did with their donations. Around 10 dollars decided to redeem their ETH from ConstitutionDAO while the rest of them sold their PEOPLE token on Uniswap.

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