Vote History Of Terra Validators: Orion.Money Vs DokiaCapital

The Terra network is governed by a group of miners known as validators that are responsible for securing the blockchain and ensuring its accuracy. They manage full nodes in the Terra network which verify every transaction.Staking rewards are pooled from transaction fees and paid to validators in exchange for adding new blocks to the chain. Users stake their Luna for staking rewards. Terra’s protocol is also governed by validators, which play an important role.

Voting Power Of The Top 10 Validators

The following table shows the top 10 Terra validators ranked by total voting capacity (total LUNA staked or delegates).

I chose Orion.Money and Dokia Capital from the Top 10 validators. In this dashboard, I am going to show the comparison of their voting behavior (government votes) using Flipside data.


In the voting power rankings, Orion.Money will hold the top spot for a long time.In order to serve as a cross-chain stablecoin bank, Orion Money will provide seamless and frictionless stablecoin spending, lending, and saving.  Learn more about Orion Money at Twitter: and Telegram:


Dokia Capital placed in 4th position of Top 10 Terra Validators. We can get more information about this is from . Downtime is not an option for Dokia Capital. We operate an enterprise-grade infrastructure that is robust and secure.

In the following graph we can see the number of Proposals each participated in voting with Orion.Money and DokiaCapital. According to the following graph, Orion.Money votes for a greater number of proposals than DokiaCapital.

Here is a graph that shows how many times each of them have chosen to vote Yes or No, and which option they have chosen the most often.

In the graph below, we see how many times both of them voted on the same proposal. Where we see white spaces, it means they voted for a different proposal, and whenever we do not see white spaces, it means they voted for the same proposal. Out of all the proposal id’s that were voted on, 178,175,172,160,143,142,132 and 128 have been voted on by both Validators at the same time.

This information gives more details about the proposals on which they voted and their titles.

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