ENS Tokens – Weekly Delegations

In this article we will discuss about which wallets receive the highest number of delegations each week, which wallets received the most delegations over the past week, and how often delegations are changed?

$ENS Airdrop Tokens

ENS domains end in .eth and can be purchased, sold, or traded on the Ethereum blockchain just like DNS domains. ENS domains are comparable to DNS domains but are a more decentralized and secure way to map your name to your address. Ultimately, we can say that the $ENS token is an important step in decentralizing the regulation of the ENS protocol. Governance is distributing the $ENS airdrop tokens to their existing community members.

As part of this process, on Nov 8, 2021 at 7pm ET the ENS governance token $ENS launches and the token claim site opens for token claims. When the snapshot was taken on October 31, 2021, ENS domains that were owned by you on or before that date are eligible to claim $ENS tokens based on the formula calculated based on the history of your wallet address.

In the formula, we include:

  • .ETH address age is the first thing we need to know
  • $ENS increase with length of registration (longer registrations get more $ENS).Therefore, the expiration date is taken into consideration.
  • Reverse Record owners who have set up their Primary ENS receive a 2x multiplier
  • According to these factors, $ENS tokens will be distributed to the wallet addresses of all .eth holders. Remember that the distribution will be per wallet holder, not per ENS user.

Choose Delegation and Claiming for $ENS Tokens

If you are eligible and have a .eth address, here is how you can claim $ENS tokens. As the claim website will be open until May 4th, 2022, you can claim at any time during that period

  • You need to connect with your eligible wallet, select Start Your Claim Process.
  • Using Snapshot, you can vote off-chain on an initial set of guidelines (for or against). Once you have finished voting, confirm the votes with your wallet.
  • Make your selection of a delegate – choose a community member to represent you and remember that you can change your delegate at any time. Here, The list of delegate applicants can be viewed. You can choose an alternate delegate by entering their .eth address. You can also choose your own ENS by entering your own address.
  • Select Claim, review your claim amount and delegate selection, then submit the transaction. Due to the onchain nature of this transaction, you will need to pay a gas fee for it to be submitted.

1. Top Wallets That Receive Delegations

We can see that among the top Wallets that received votes, many of them were in the 100K and below category. A wallet called brantly.eth received more than 500K votes and is ranked at the top. Coinbase.eth is ranked second with 417K votes.From 300k-400k category and other range categories, we can see multiple wallets.

2. Top 10 Wallets Receiving Delegations: Overview

The below graph shows how many tokens are acquired each week by the top 10 delegates.On the first week of November 8- 14, 2021, almost 7.18M  tokens have been claimed by the Top 10 delegates.Top 10 delegates took nearly 125.22K tokens in the past week.

Weekly – Delegations And Claims Received By Wallets

We can see below that various wallets receive claims and delegations every week. On the first week of claims, Coinbase.eth wallet received the most delegations, followed by Brantly.eth wallet and Unicodeforgeeks.eth wallet.The total delegated tokens for the first week is 7.18 million. According to the first week’s results, the top two wallets claimed 33.64% of tokens.

In the First week, the wallet corydao.eth claimed the lowest number of delegates and the wallet coinbase.eth claimed the highest number.

Among the delegations and claims received by wallets in the last week, initforthetech.eth claimed tokens topped the list followed by .unicodeforgeeks.eth in second place and jaya.eth in third place.The total number of delegations for the past week was 125.22K.According to the last week’s results, the top two wallets claimed 29.2% of tokens. In the last week, the wallet thisweekincrypto.eth claimed the lowest number of delegates and the wallet initforthetech.eth claimed the highest number.

3. Delegations Change Frequently!

We can see from the below graph that the maximum number of redelegations occurred on November 9, 2021.There is a decreasing trend in going on changing delegations more often.After 2 weeks, the decreasing trend of redelegation has changed again and is going up.But recently (Nov29-Dec5,2021), it is going down again.

Taking a look at the weekly redelegations graph, we can see that there were a lot of delegations that were changed more often in the first week and after that it dropped. Maximum redelegations were observed in first week with 279.44K.Next week, it dropped to 67.01K, almost four times less than the first week. During the Last week (Nov29-Dec5 2021) which is 47.74K which is almost more than 5 times dropped if we compare with the first week.


  • From the first week, it is clear that coinbase.eth is in the top 10 wallets in claiming tokens, but it does not appear anywhere in the top 10 list in the last week.
  • Based on the above data, it can be concluded that the delegations changed more often in the first week, but they have decreased significantly in the last week (Nov29-Dec5, 2021).
  • Within the categories of ‘500k and Above’ and ‘400k-300k Categories, we can only see single wallets. But within the categories of 300k-400k and other ranges, we can see multiple wallets. As a result, top 2 (brantly.eth and Coinbase.eth) wallets have no comparison for delagations (votes) so far.

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