What is Mirror and What Assets are Traded on Mirror?

Mirror is a Decentralized Finance Protocol built on Terra Blockchain network. It enables creation and trading of real world financial assets like S&P 500, Apple, Microsoft, Google on Terra Blockchain. Synthetic assets traded on Mirror are called as Mirrored Assets(mAssets) and they mimic the price behavior of real-world assets. Just any blockchain application, these synthetic assets can be traded by anyone from anywhere in the world with open access.

List of assets traded on Mirror

Assets listed on Mirror for trading are called mAssets and the following are assets listed on Mirror on the day of publication – MIR, mAAPL, mGOOGL, mTSLA, mNFLX, mQQQ, mTWTR, mMSFT, mAMZN, mBABA, mIAU, mSLV, mUSO, mVIXY, mABNB, mBTC, mETH, mFB, mGS, mGME, mAMC, mSPY, mCOIN.

The listed assets are some of the hottest and trending US equities and Crypto currencies. You can view the list of latest assets over here https://terra.mirror.finance/trade

Trading Volume – Last Quarter vs A Month Ago vs Recent

Let us look at the volume of top 10 mAssets traded on Mirror in US Dollars. The following charts the volume and you can hover over it to see breakdown of trading volume by asset

Trading Volume Trend Over Past 90 Days

The following animation shows the change of top 10 assets and their volume for the past 90 days. Click on the play icon on top right corner of the chart to start the animation

Trending Assets on Mirror Correlate with Equities & Crypto Currencies in Media

If you look at the trading volume pattern on Mirror, you see that it has high correlation with recent bull market of cryptocurrencies. Trading volume on Mirror peaked in this year May and it correlates with Bitcoin bull cycle peak. Since then the volume been dropping consistently and it correlates with volume of cryptocurrencies traded in general.

Also the list of top 10 synthetic equities on daily basis correlates heavily with social media trends, meme stocks and general media coverage.

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