Free Microsoft Press Book – Programming Windows Phone 7

Microsoft seems to be getting things right in Mobile Operating System market with the release of Windows Phone 7. Few tech pundits and developers are impressed with the way Windows Phone 7 OS is designed to be unique rather than just being a copy cat of iOS.

Microsoft is also trying hard to push adoption of Windows Phone 7 OS among the smart phone users as well as the developer developer community. In order to lure the developer community, Microsoft is giving away free copies of Microsoft Press book “Programming Windows Phone 7” to all.

The 1000 page book “Programming Windows Phone 7” written by Charles Petzold covers programming techniques ranging from basics to advanced in C#, SilverLight and XNA framework for writing Windows Phone 7 applications. If you are looking for good programming resources related to Windows Phone 7 then this book is the first one to download and read.

Download Microsoft Press Book “Programming Windows Phone 7” from here (39 MB pdf file) and the code samples of the book from here (5 MB zip file)

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