Sites To Download Free eBooks For Kindle

Amazon Kindle is the top selling gadget of this holiday season and many of you would have received it as a gift. For those who got a Amazon Kindle here are few websites that offer free eBooks to fulfil reading appetite at no cost.


1. Free Kindle Books – Amazon Websitealt – This page on Amazon lists nice collection of free books available for Kindle that includes Serial by Jack Kiborn, The Wild’s Call by Jeri Smith, Star Wars by John Jackson MIller and several other books from a list of 40 books.

2. Project Gutenberg: This site as 33,000 + free books that not work let you read on Kindle but also on iPad, PCs and smart phones.  This site is very popular for free ebooks.

3. Google E-Bookstore: Google’s eBookStore has thousands of free ebooks for Kindle in their free books section.


4. Internet Archive: Here you find millions of rare print works that are especially useful for academic research. Multiple language books are also available for Kindle.

5. Open Library: This site is sort of Wikipedia for eBooks with over 20 million user-contributed books and magazines. They are all Kindle friendly.

6. Nearly 30,000 titles, many of which have been pulled from Project Gutenberg. Has a good collection of little-known Creative Commons works.

7. – the public domain section of this site contains many free ebooks that are perfect for your Kindle.

8., and if you are geek and looking for technology books, this is the site you should visit to grab free books.

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    1. Med,
      URL referral scheme? Google, Gutenberg and the other links listed on the above post does not pay us even a cent. And the Amazon Free books stuff is link to Amazon website that is listing free books for kindle. And we are associated with Amazon referrals.

      By the way, how come you did not find any free books for your Kindle from the above links? Did you face any problems. Lets us know, we will be glad to help you.

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