How To Bulk Convert MS Word Documents To PDF Using CutePDF Writer Freeware

Assume that you got 25+ MS Word documents and all those documents needs to be converted to PDF. You can make use of MS Word save as PDF option but it’s a tedious process to open each and every file save it as PDF. How to convert all the files quickly?

Here comes CutePDF Writer to rescue. CutePDF Writer is an excellent freeware that converts virtually any document to PDF by installing a virtual printer for conversion. 


Here are the steps to be following for bulk converting documents (or any file that supports printing) to PDF

  1. Download and install CutePDF writer
  2. Set CutePDF writer as your default printer
  3. Select all the documents you want to convert to PDF, right click, select Print option.
  4. You will be presented with a series of Print Dialog boxes; click OK.
  5. That’s all. You should have all the documents converted to PDF.

The only downside is you will be presented with a series Print Dialog boxes depending on the number of files you selected for conversion. Otherwise this is a great option that lets you convert quickly for free.

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