Quickly Add Watermark To Multiple PDF Files Using “Batch PDF Watermark”

watermark_multipe_pdf_files_with_single_clickWant to add watermark to your PDF files with a single click? You can use the freeware Batch PDF Watermark. Batch PDF Watermark is super cool application that lets you add image or text watermarks to multiple files at a time.

Office 2010 style ribbon user interface of the application is very easy to use and provides many options to configure watermark properties like – font styles, positioning, transparency levels, rotation of watermark image, scaling of watermark image and etc. Before running the watermark process, you can even preview it.


To select multiple PDF files to watermark you can use “Add Files” option to hand pick required files or “Add Folder” option to choose all the PDF files available in the folder.

Download Batch PDF Watermark [via liferocks]

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