Reclaim Your Hard Disk Space By Deleting Garbage Using CCleaner. I Reclaimed 6 GB+

CC Cleaner Logo The amount of garbage accumulated on the computer keeps growing as we install/uninstall applications, updates and browse the Internet. Few application un-installers does not remove all the files properly, application crashes leaves memory dumps, browsing Internet adds media files, cookies and other junk to cache folders. The garbage not only eats up our valuable Hard Disk space but also slows computer performance.

Here comes CCleaner, a free application to rescue our computers by deleting all the unwanted files. CCleaner scans the computer for unnecessary files like temporary logs, memory dumps, thumbnail cache, Internet and other useless files and deletes them permanently with a single click.

When I executed this application first time, I was surprised by the amount of garbage CCleaner identified on my personal laptop. It is 6 GB +. Yes, garbage on my laptop eaten up 7.5% of valuable 80 GB hard disk space. Here is the proof

Delete unwanted files from your computer using CC Cleaner

Apart from deleting garbage from hard disk drive, CCleaner can also clean the registry by removing the unwanted entries.

Very quickly CC Cleaner occupied my list of most frequently used maintenance utilities. I often run this application to make sure that my computer is clean.

With very good intelligence of identifying useful files and very easy to use user interface, CC cleaner makes it a  perfect cleaner.

Download CCleaner

Tip: By default CCleaner removes your web browser history, saved passwords, cookies and auto-completion settings. If you would like to keep all your web browser related settings and history, uncheck Internet Explorer from Windows tab and Firefox & Opera from Application Tab of CCleaner.

Note: While installing CCleaner make sure that Yahoo Tool Bar installation is unchecked if you don’t like to install Yahoo Toolbar along with CCleaner.

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