Set Keyboard Shortcuts to Adjust Volume of Your PC

Most of the keyboards we buy these days have dedicated keys to adjust volume with a single button press. But if you happened to be using a keyboard that does not have dedicated keys for adjusting volume here is a simple freeware application that helps you.

The freeware application VolControl from allows us to set a combination of keys for easily decreasing, increasing and muting volume. By default it configures the keys Win + Up, Win + Down and Win + Left for increasing, decreasing and muting volume respectively. If you don’t like the default settings, you can always  change them by using settings user interface of the application.


VolControl is portable! No installation required! Just download and start using the executable.

Windows 7/Vista Users – Use Compatibility Mode

If you want to use this application in Windows 7/Windows Vista, you have to set Compatibility Setting for VolControl to Windows XP using properties tab(choose properties option by right clicking on the exe file)

Download VolControl from

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