Watch Movies and Animations In PDF Files With Acrobat Reader 9

imageLot of good news from Adobe these days. Couple of days ago they opened doors for search engines to index Flash files and now they released a new version of Acrobat Reader. The new Acrobat Reader, version 9 supports playing Flash Movies and Shockwave animations in PDF files. This means you can view embedded YouTube videos in PDF files.

So now you can uninstall all the third party applications/plug-ins that were used for playing flash movies embedded in PDF files.

Another major feature added to Acrobat Reader is the ability to integrated with services. With action menu items available in Acrobat Reader now you can easily upload PDF documents  to, share documents with others using, create new word documents online using and share your screen collaboratively with others.

Also the release notes of Acrobat Reader 9 says that it loads the PDF files much faster than the earlier versions. But I could not notice any improvement in speed when I opened few heavy documents with the new reader.

If not for the speed, Acrobat Reader 9 is worth upgrade for its for rich media support and seamless integration with services.

Download Acrobat Reader 9.0 [33.5 MB]

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