With A Single Click Eject USB Drive By Closing All The Running Programs

How many times you got the message “The device ‘Generic volume’ cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later.”? Some times even though we close all the files and programs launched from an USB drive, Windows will keep telling us that someone is still holding the locks on USB and it can not be closed at the moment. What do you do at that time? Will you restart the PC to safely remove the USB or unplug the USB without caring any fear of data loss?

Safely remove USB drive with EjectUSB application

Well from now onwards you don’t need to take any such tough decisions if Windows is not able to safely remove an USB. EjectUSB, a tiny little standalone application, can mercilessly kill all the programs, processes or anything else that is accessing your drive and safely let you remove the USB drive with a single click.

Running EjectUSB application is very simple, copy EjectUSB application to the USB drive and run it by double clicking – it vanishes all the locks and safely ejects the USB.

Download EjectUSB   [via raymond cc and cc Image credit]

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