100 Oldest .com Domains Registered On The Net

The Web - internet cafe by John.Karakatsanis Today I stumbled upon a web site that lists the 100 oldest .com domains that are still active on the Internet. As per to the list, symbolics.com is the oldest domain registered in Mar 1985 followed by bbn.com and think.com registered in Apr 1985 & May 1985 respectively.

The list has few well know companies like hp.com, xerox.com, ibm.com, sun.com, intel.com, ge.com, siemens.com and few companies that most of us never heard.

Here are the top 10 oldest domains and you can read the full list here

  1. SYMBOLICS.COM(15-Mar-1985)  
  2. BBN.COM(24-Apr-1985)
  3. THINK.COM(24-May-1985)  
  4. MCC.COM(11-Jul-1985)
  5. DEC.COM(30-Sep-1985)
  6. NORTHROP.COM (07-Nov-1985)  
  7. XEROX.COM(09-Jan-1986)
  8. SRI.COM(17-Jan-1986)
  9. HP.COM(03-Mar-1986)
  10. BELLCORE.COM(05-Mar-1986)

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