Classic CompuServe – RIP

compuserve-logoPeople who had been associated with the Internet for about 20 to 25 years from now will be familiar with the name Compuserve. Compuserve came into existence on the year 1979. 

Compuserve paved the path for the new age of Internet. It was bought over by AOL in the year 1997 and will be put to rest this April month. It was the most happening place on the Internet on the 80’s. I was one of the forum users on the late 90’s and had a fantastic time. Gone are those good old days.

It was the place where users shared files, had conversation, posted items, used the bulletin board. Compuserve was the Yahoo and Google of the Internet till the dawn of the World Wide Web.  Even corporates used to share their work there. Looks like lots of things had been done in the past with the available technology that we boast saying this is what is cutting edge technology in the dawn of new millennium using the www [world wide web].

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