First Partial Lunar Eclipse in 2010

Following the Annular Solar Eclipse in January 2010, the next eclipse hitting the earth is partial Lunar Eclipse in June 2010. This partial Lunar eclipse is mostly visible to people in America and Pacific side.


The first Lunar Eclipse for the year 2010 occurs on 26th June with the magnitude of 0.5368 and the eclipse lasts for two and a half hours totally. This eclipse is clearly visible for those who are in Western Canada , USA and Eastern Australia.

The local timings (24 Hours format) of the cities where the partial solar eclipse is visible are

S.No Place Partial Eclipse Begins Partial Eclipse Ends
1 Atlanta 05:17 08:00
2 San Francisco 02:17 05:00
3 Texas 04:17 07:00
4 Los Angeles 02:17 05:00
5 Sydney 20:17 23:00
6 Osaka 19:17 22:00


The next eclipse for this year is the total solar eclipse and the details about this eclipse will be published soon.

CC Image Credit : AtomicShark

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