How To Follow Oscars 2009 Live On Web Streams and TV Channels

Update: How To Follow Oscars 2010 Live On Web

The 81st Academy Awards ceremony will honor its selection of the best films of 2008 and is scheduled for Sunday, February 22, 2009, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. So be ready to watch your favorite actors, actresses, directors, music directors and other people related to film industry on Oscar red carpet.


Here is techdreams guide to catch all the action of Oscars 2009 on the web and in house.

Watch Live Streaming

The live telecast of Oscars 2009 is expected to be available on official web site of Oscars)  and The live broadcast starts on February 22, 2009 at 5PT/8ET.

Updated Live Streams:
Associated Press Oscars 2009 Live Red Carpet Videos and highlights

New Zealand Herald Also Brings Oscars 2009 Live Streaming

Catch All The Action Live On TV

If you are lucky enough to be at home on 22nd February 2009 you can follow all the action on your TV screens.  The live telecast on TV sets will be available in around 200 countries. We have gathered information TV channels and the local time at the telecast is going to start

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Country TV Channel Date & Time
U.S.A ABC TV Sunday 22 Feb 2009, 5:00 PM
India Star Movies Monday 23 Feb 2009, 6:30 AM & 9:00PM
Middle East Fox Movies Monday 23 Feb 2009, 3.00 AM KSA time
United Kingdom Sky Movie/Sky 2 Sunday 22  Feb , 01:00 AM
Canada C TV Sunday 22 Feb, 08:00 PM

YouTube Official Channel Of Oscars

Oscars has an official YouTube channel and you watch all the official updates and other videos related to Oscars. Point your browser to to see Oscar's official YouTube channel.

Other Websites That Cover Oscars 2009

Here is the list of other websites that cover interesting news about Oscars

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14 thoughts on “How To Follow Oscars 2009 Live On Web Streams and TV Channels”

  1. I wish Rahman will get the oscar….& he is just great..i love him and his music ….love u A.R.RAHMAN…from bangladesh…

  2. Prashant Joglekar

    Rahman is a genius. Professionally and personally he is a great human being. Unfortunately (i have to say this), in his early years., Lata Mangeshkar was so angry and annoyed at his entry into hindi films, that she assigned Shiv Sena goondas the task to beat Rahman during his stay in Mumbai., and threaten him to leave Mumbai. Such is Lata Mangeshkar’s hatred for ——s. Everybody knows it. Yet Rahman has such a large heart. He gave the 90-year channel of hatred, Latabai a song : Jiya Jale. Lata Mangeshkar will be the most angry / sad person today on earth – when Rahman wins an oscar. She is 90., while Rahman is 40. Yet she is so mean and jealous. Jealous of everyone esp. if one is Mus—. Hunh.

  3. Guys u cannot comapre all his bollywood movies to SDM…SDM is intended to be only backgrnd score !!!!!!! Jai hi,Dreams on fire,Ringa,O..Saya(to some extent) are only full length songs intended for background….u cant comapre background scores to our bollywood songs!!!!

  4. Sravan Kumar,
    we cant think of any better musician than A R Rahman in India today. But personally, I rate Delhi 6 music many times better than Slumdog.

  5. Jai Ho is the most inspiring song and the background music is excellent.

    You can not compare with Roja or Bombay

    East or West Rahman is the best all time.

  6. All of you just listen East or West AR Rahman is the best that’s the only thing I will say. Definetly, he is going to win Oscars for his Music. I don’t agree with Gopinath, don’t compare Slumdog’s Music with others each and every movie of ARR was a Musically hit . Roja, Bombay, Rangeela,Taal,Lagaan, Swades, Saathiya, Dil se, Yuva,Guru,Jodha Akbar,Jane tu Jane naa,Yuvraj,Gajini, Delhi 6, Ada and many many south Indians movies. The list never ends. Last question can any1 name a person who can compose music better than AR Rahman… just think think think think….. I am sure the answer will be Big ‘NO’

    He is everyone’s Favorite Music Director. Always loves to listen his Music. All the best AR Rahman… hope u return with Oscars.

  7. I would like to know if E! ENTERTAINMENT TV will broadcast all the venue or just from the red carpet? I am afraid that it will only be about the actors and directors entrance in the theatre together with some gossip! Will I be able to see it on E!. I would really appreciate a reply from somebody. Thanks. Have a nice day

  8. Vijay,just to let you know A.R. Rehman has 3 nominations and i do agree with Gopinath but all his music in all the songs are the best and so lets wait and see if he could make it.

  9. Vijay, A R Rahman is definetly going to win at least one award. But it is tough to agree that Slumdog music is the best of his composing. Songs from the movies like Roja, Bombay and the recent Delhi 6 are many times better than Slumdog music.

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