INS Arihant – India’s First Nuclear Powered Submarine

With the launch of INS Arihant nuclear submarine, India has joined the elite group of nations that are capable of building nuclear submarines – USA, Russia, France, China and the UK.

At Vishakapattanam dock yard, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh launched the submarine  for sea trails and said

(this is a ) historic milestone in the country’s defense preparedness . We don’t have any aggressive designs nor do we seek to threaten anyone. We seek an external environment in our region and beyond that is conducive to our peaceful development and protection of our value system

The sea trails to test various components  of the submarine will continue for next two years and then it will be commissioned into full service.

What Does Arihant Means?

Arihant is a Sanskrit word and it means Killer of Enemies.

Who Built INS Arihant?

DRDO and Indian navy jointly developed INS Arihant at the Naval Dockyard in Visakhapatnam as part of Advanced Technology Vessels (ATV) Programme. The nuclear reactor of the submarine is reportedly developed by Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam.

Few Interesting Points About INS Arihant

  • Submarine weighs around 6000 tonnes
  • 85 Megawatt nuclear reactor powers the submarine
  • It can acquire surface speed of 22 to 28 KMPH(12-15 knots) and submerged speed up 44 KMPH(24 knots)
  • It can carry 95 crew members
  • It is armed with torpedoes and missiles including 12 ballistic missiles

Want To Read More About Arihant?

If you are interested to read about INS Arihant check this wikipedia article

Jai Hind!!

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