Japan Demos Humanoid Robots Capable Of Replacing Human At Factories

robotsThe day when we are going to share our cubicles at workplace with robots is not far away as advances in robotics technology is blurring the gap between humans and robots. At a recent robots expo, a Japanese  firms lined up its robots on stage and demonstrated their ability to work along with humans in an industrial assembly line.

The human sized robots are highly sophisticated, intelligent, agile and just consumes 1500 watts of power for functioning – equivalent to power consumption of hair dryers.  Kawada Industries, the manufacturer of the robots says these robots are intended to “work alongside” people, but they may actually end up replacing the people.

Foxconn, the manufacture of Apple iPhone & iPad has announced its intention to replace human work force with 1 million robots in next three years. So in the near future you may plan your coffee break at work with a robot! – you may sip coffee and the robots recharge batteries.

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