Meet The Guy Who Made Millions By Selling Potato Peelers On The Street

This is not the story of techies who made millions or billions by inventing a social networking site Facebook or a search algorithm that powers Google. He is a very common and ordinary man who sells potato peelers on the busy streets. He does not even own a shop, the pathway is his shop. He does not even sell fancy gadgets or any other expensive items that give huge profit margins.

He just sells just potato peelers that cost $5 a piece and made millions out of it. Meet Mr. Joe Ades, the millionaire street sales man who lives in one of the expensive houses that we could see only in movies. The life story of Joe is inspiration to everyone of us. Check out the embedded video on the life of Joe

Secret Behind The Success? Loving What We Do

So what is so different from this ordinary man who made millions and the many other who struggle to live decent life without debts? “The? key is not doing what you like but liking what you do” says Joe who sold potato peelers waking up at 4 AM, 6 days every week and more than 60 years.

For more information this successful ordinary man read this NY Times article and Wikipedia page

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