Microsoft’s Paul Allen starts new company Xiant

allen_paul-customThe latest news that’s buzzing around the tech world is that Microsoft’s Co-Founder Paul Allen started a new company called Xiant. The first question that will pop up on everyone’s mind is what does the company do ?

Does it come-up with a new operating system ? Does it come-up with a software that is similar to Microsoft Office ? Well, you will in be for a surprise. First product is a software that  sort’s/filters and organiser’s your email inbox [Ofcourse the software will work only with Outlook]

You can visit the site @

The Beta version of the software can be downloaded for free from the company’s website  at xiant. The full version is expected to begin selling the program in 60 days for about $39.

If you want to actaully see what this product does to Miscrosoft Office Oulook , then you can have a look at a quick video about xiant filter xiant video.

As everyone knows that Paul quit Microsoft more than 25 years ago and today is the chairman of Vulcan Inc. [A project management and investment company]

Chris Purcell, the VP of Vulcan Inc. said in a statement that : “It’s a return of sorts to Paul’s roots. Xiant Filer started as a personal project to help Paul keep up with heavy e‐mail traffic. It worked so well we all started using it, which led us to take it to market.”


The Xiant Filer is not just the product that company will be focused on by The company is will be working on a number of tools that will help computer users become more organized.

This filter software is also being development for Blackberry mobile phones. One more new software that is getting developed is something that will makes faster transfer large digital files over the Internet [I dont know what they mean by this!].

We will just have to wait and see how this company does.

On an interesting note DrumCore is a software that was developed for Allen [as he wanted to lay a rhythm track when playing the guitar] and later was put on sale as a commercial software.

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