Mobility Card in Bangalore for Transportation

Transport Minister R Ashoka announced Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) services are going to be best in the world soon. BMTC has planned to launch a Mobility Card with which commuters can get rides in BMTC, KSRTC and future Metro Train facilities without buying tickets for each ride.

The conductor with have a simple device in which the commuters can swipe their cards to deduct the ticket tarrif for bus or metro rides automatically.

This Mobility card can be obtained by paying a fixed amount. This method is time saving and the commuters can be saved from paying the exact change for tickets. Ashoka says the Volvo Vayu Vaira services have internet connectivity and voice announcements of every bus stop names and this has been appreciated by the commuters.

With WiFi Connections in Shatabdi Trains soon and Mobility Cards, India is soon to match the services of US Standards. Government officials are keen in implementing these services before the end of this year. Hope all these services are well used and maintained.


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