NASA Planning To Launch Discovery On 12th March 2009

Update on Mar 09, 2009: Nasa announced the date of Discovery Launch as March 11 2009.

NASA’s Space Shuttle Program is planning to launch Discovery’s International Space Station, tentatively on March 12th 2009. The exact date will be announced after inspecting the three gaseous hydrogen flow control valves.


Technicians at the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, have started analyzing Discovery’s three valves.The valves are inspected for cracks with more than 4000 pictures. The pressure of these valves will also be tested. Technicians are even trying to identify the cause for damage to the flow control valve happened during November 2008 flight.

The initial review of the Discovery shuttle was completed on February 20th 2009, after which the officers decided to further inspect and analyze the valves before launching the flight. The officers are planning to meet on March 4th 2009 to evaluate the outcome of the research on the valves based on which the the managers would move forward with the final review report on march 6th 2009.

Via NASA  & CC Image Credit loomingy1

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