Speed up your computer with SSD (Without paying a fortune)

Ok, we all know SSD’s are great devices, its the future of storage medium and they have incredible response time. But, despite the best efforts of SSD makers the price is on the higher side. Hard disk drives with our traditional spinning disk have now a whooping storage capacity of  1TB (Tera Bytes) and are affordable. Dont spend a fortune on upgrating with high capacity SSD, SSD Ready cace to save your day.

Since we dont get 500GB or 1TB SSD’s till now best options suggested everywhere is having a SSD and a Harddisk in the same computer. Basically have your operating system like windows 7 ,other important files and programs in SSD that are most likely to be accessed. Rest of the files like documents, media etc goes into the HDD. So basically you have to make up your mind to buy something around 64 GB or 128 GB SSD atleast to put this into practice. There is however are 2 major downfall in this approach.

1. Apart from your operating system its is quite difficult to make up your mind as to what else to put in the SSD.

2. Because of the above reason we end up getting higher capacity SSD than needed because we are actually

Ready cache SSD
Ready cache SSD

not sure !

Praise the tech gurus, we have another fantastic option. Its called “SSD Cache drives”. Now what this wonderful little device does is (oh! by they way they are SSD drives too) it takes the understands frequently accessed files (A software is given by the SSD guys to do this) and then pushes them to the SSD. Lets say they understand this over 3 attempts, not bad huh?.

So what do we get here, we solve both the above mentioned problems

1. You don’t have to buy a very large SSD because you not load and access all the files in your computer all the time.

2. You don’t have to really do a bit of thinking about what file goes where (I mean what kind’a world this would be if we have to think for the computer!) as they find out what you do regularly.

3. You end up not burning your pocket, you probably need a drive with the SSD with capacity of lets say 32GB and you get them as low as $55 (SAN Disk ready Cache 32 GB)

Yup, there are other SSD makers who also offer Cache Drives, Consair, Intel and other guys.

[Image credit: SanDisk]

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