The First Annular Solar Eclipse of 2009 on January 26th

The first solar eclipse of 2009 occurs on January 26th 2009. This eclipse is termed as annular eclipse as it forms a ring shape. The annular eclipse will be visible from a wide track that traverses the Indian Ocean and western Indonesia. A partial eclipse will be seen within the much larger path of the Moon’s shadow, which includes the southern third of Africa, Madagascar, Australia except Tasmania, southeast India, Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

Annular solar eclipsePenumbral lunar eclipse

This is the 50th eclipse of Saros 131. The Saros cycle is an eclipse cycle with a period of about 18 years 11 days 8 hours (approximately 6585⅓ days) that can be used to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon. The first annular eclipse of Saros 131 occurred on 1720 Aug 04.  This eclipse will be visible from Bangalore, Calcutta and Chennai in India and many other Southeast Asian countries and will last for almost 1.30 hours.

Apart from this, there would be 4 lunar eclipses and a total solar eclipse in 2009 and the details are given in the table below.

Eclipse Name Date of visibility
Lunar Eclipse Feb 09 2009
Lunar Eclipse July 07 2009
total Solar Eclipse July 22 2009
Lunar Eclipse August 06 2009
Partial Lunar Eclipse December 31 2009

Source : NASA

132 thoughts on “The First Annular Solar Eclipse of 2009 on January 26th”

  1. Does someone know the exact timings of the eclipse in Bangalore.
    The details provided in the above link give generic conversion of UT into IST, but is not region /place specific.

  2. is it true that if there are two eclipses within a short span of one month it will lead to natural volcanic eruptions, sunamies etc.,..

  3. The informations are useful. Surprised to know so many are interested to know whether their area comes under eclipse and the timings of the eclipse.
    I saw the NASA site on eclipse and it was informative. Best wishes

  4. Can I see watch the eclipse on 26th January ’09 from Hyderabad? Is this partial or total Solar eclipse? How safe is it to watch naked eye? Can anyone publise more info on Annular eclipse? How many types of eclipses are there till now? Can we have an eclipse when a blackhole passes between the path of the Sun and the Earth? Thank you all.

  5. I am at Ratnagiri. At what tine there is a SPARSHYA and MOKSHA of Solar Eclipse if viewed from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra?

  6. U sure in karachi there is no solar eclipse? As i saw on net few sites showing it inkarachi. please tell me exact time of start and end if somebody knows….

  7. Hi,
    The eclipse will not be visible in the middle east, so dont worry pregnant women. I am alos One and in my 7th month, residing in Middle east. cheer up.

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