Total Solar Eclipse On Friday, 1st August 2008 – Watch Live Webcast

 Live Webcast of Solar Eclipse This Friday, August 1st 2008, a total solar eclipse will occur as the moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth after more than two years. Everyone can watch the eclipse live even though they are not living in the parts of world where eclipse will occur (the northeastern edge of Canada, the tip of Greenland, parts of Russia, China and Mongolia).

To watch the solar eclipse point your browser to Exploratorium web site and start playing the live web cast video. The live web cast starts at 10:30 UT on Friday, August 1, 2008(4:00 PM in India, 11:30 AM in London and 3:30 AM in San Francisco).

You can also follow the live cast of the eclipse on Second Life. Here are local times at which the web cast start in few other cities

  • New York 6:30 AM
  • Beijing – 6:30 PM
  • Cape Town 12:30 PM
  • Dubai 2:30 PM
  • Hong Kong 6:30 PM
  • Mexico City 5:30 AM
  • Moscow 2:30 PM
  • Paris 12:30 PM
  • Sydney 8:30 PM

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  1. It is extremely dangerous to watch and eclipse the uv rays are filtrated and are more dangerous they can leave u blind its better to watch it on tv.

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