Total Solar Eclipse On July 11, 2010 – Follow It Live On the Web

Solar Eclipses is one of the most beautiful events that fascinates many of us at Tech Dreams as well as our readers. The second total solar eclipse of 2010 will occur on 11th July 2010 and it’s less than two weeks away.

In the past we covered many eclipse events and provided information on how to watch them live on web. This time also here is some information that will help you to catch this spectacular events on the net.

The eclipse will be visible to the people living in regions like Easter Island (Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua) and other small islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, as well as in southern Argentina and Chile in South America.

NASA site has released an animation(shown on left) that shows path of this solar eclipse.

In the 2 hours and 40 minutes of fascinating journey, the moon’s dark umbral shadow will touch South Pacific Ocean northeast of New Zealand at 18:15 UT and ends as the sun sets in Southern Argentina at 20:52 UT.

Live Streaming Web Sites

Here is a list of websites that provided live streaming of solar and lunar eclipses in the past. We are expecting at least of the following websites might provide a live stream for free.

Here is an UStream channel that says that they are going to provide live stream of eclipse. We need to wait and see whether this channel is going to really live broadcast the eclipse or not. Update:Live Streaming of Solar Eclipse is available now.

Keep watching this space as we add more link in the coming days as and when we identify the live streams. If you know any sites, share them in the comments.

Local Timings of Solar Eclipse

Starting time of solar eclipse around the world in their local times:

  1. India  – Sun 23:45
  2. Adelaide – Mon 03:45
  3. Amsterdam – Sun 20:15
  4. Bangkok – Mon 01:15
  5. Beijing – Mon 02:15
  6. Boston – Sun 14:15
  7. Brisbane – Mon 04:15
  8. Dubai – Sun 22:15
  9. Frankfurt – Sun 20:15
  10. Hong Kong – Mon 02:15
  11. London – Sun 19:15
  12. Mexico City – Sun 13:15
  13. New York – Sun 14:15
  14. Paris – Sun 20:15
  15. Riyadh – Sun 21:15
  16. Tokyo – Mon 03:15
  17. Zurich – Sun 20:15

For other cities local timings please check this page.

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    uhmm is this going to be true what do you need to be prtectetive???? how long is it going to last??????

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