USB 3.0 – Very promising; but dont be very happy

2182901899_4603e85022_mUSB 3.0 is expected in our hands only by early 2010.  USB 2.0 has a theoretical maximum speed of 480Mbps and can provide power. USB 3.0 cable is thicker than the USB 2.0 cable as it contains six wires rather than two.  In this post you will find basic details about what you have to know about USO 3.0. [image credit: edwardyanquen]

By the time we get the device in our hands we would have waited almost 10 years.

According to the USB implementers forum there were 2 billion USB 2.0 devices shipped in 2006 (one for every three people in the world), and the install base was 6 billion (almost one for every person in the world). 

USB 3.0 specs suggest a maximum speeed of 5Gbps, 10 times faster than USB 2.0. The new version of USB is also capable to work in full duplex mode, full duplex is – it can upload and download simultaneously. [USB 2.0 is only half duplex]

USB 3.0 features an intelegent power management system. It could detect a device is not in working state and can reduce the amount of power it will send to the device. This directly increases the battery life. A welcome move for Laptop users.

USB 3.0’s new architecture will still use more CPU time ? I really dont have an answer to it.

Now come the problem, we have to wait long for Hardware manufacturers to build this into the system for us to use it. Thats not an easy move. [USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are not compatible devices, you need new hardware]

On a pesonal note I have never seen USB 2.0 deliver the speed it has promised. So I really dont know how much to rely on the claims made about USB 3.0

Having said all this here is the comparison about the speeds of different USB’s

Transfer of a 25GB HD movie:

  • USB 1.0 –  9.3 hours
  • USB 2.0 – 13.9 minutes
  • USB 3.0 – 70 seconds

USB 3.0 is expected to hit the market only by 2010. So when will our device makers start using the same in their hardwares ? My best guess would be by 2012 and not all makes will direcly adopt to USB 3.0 so fast :)

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  1. You have no idea what you are talking about. 480mbps, is the raw line speed. You will never get 60MB/s. With current hosts, drivers etc, the fastest write speeds you can possibly see is around 30-35MB/s. This will move up to 300-400MB/s in USB 3.0. Expecting 500MB/s from USB 3.0 would only be a fool’s wish.

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