Video: How To Prepare Delicious Onion Samosa

Ulli Samosa (Onion Samosa) is one of my favourite snacks I use to eat while in Andhra Pradesh. But after coming to Chennai, it’s very tough to find these Samosas in shops. Last weekend I was searching for almost 2 hours and could not find a single shop.

how to prepare aloo samosa

The best way to enjoy this delicious Samosas in Chennai is to prepare them at home and thanks to this Vah Reh Vah for posting this video on YouTube with detailed instructions on preparation of Ulli Samosa. We will be trying out this recipe today evening.

Update: We followed the instructions in the video and could not prepare the Somasa we were expecting. In this preparation method, stuff inside Samosa was raw and I did not like the taste :). By the way, it’s just me who did not like it.

If you are looking for detailed preparation instructions in text so that you can take printout for handy reference, check this Vah Reh Vah website

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