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Tech Dreams was started around 2 years ago and today it has close to 1000 articles that cover technology tips, hacks and reviews. Thousands of visitors read the blog everyday and leave their small footprints, but few visitors stick to the blog and actively engage themselves in all the possible ways on the blog.

These sticky users are very precious to us(of course for any blog) as they just don’t read our articles – they contribute in a big way for the growth of the blog. One among such valuable visitors of Tech Dreams is Vijay.


Vijay For Victory

Vijay’s contribution is tremendous for the growth of Tech Dreams. He actively engages in the conversations, regularly stumbles articles, notifies if something is broken and gives us valuable tips.

Vijay regularly blogs at and post interesting information about the latest happenings of technology and general stuff. Here are the links to few articles of his blog

  1. How to check the strength of a password?
  2. Find open usernames
  3. PI value – up to 2000 decimal places
  4. Layoff – Root cause analysis
  5. Create your own virus – Test your antivirus software

We request all the readers to explore Vijay’s blog and if you find it interesting don’t forget to subscribe to his RSS feed.

Other Active Users Of Tech Dreams

We are lucky to have many more visitors like Vijay to our blog. We are in the process of collecting information about their profiles, blogs and soon they will feature here in coming days.


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