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Watch Free Live Streaming Of Beijing Olympics 2008 Online

08new_toplogo The Beijing Olympic Games 2008 are going to start in less than 2 days time and this biggest spots event is going to subject online video streaming technologies to a rigours testing.

Live steaming of videos starting from the opening ceremony to closing ceremony are going to be available live to Internet users of US, UK, Australia, China & Canada and in other 77 countries users can watch highlights.

Live broadcast of 2008 China Olympics websites accessible for UK, US, Australia, China and Canada Internet users

In other 77 countries including India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Nigeria, etc viewers can watch highlights YouTube. Couple of days ago Google started a new YouTube channel Beijing Olympics 2008 to broadcast highlights of the Olympic games in the countries where online broadcasters haven’t bought exclusive rights.

YouTube Channel to view highlights – Beijing Olympics 2008

China is going to unleash the Olympics with a grand spectacular opening ceremony on 8th August. So don’t miss to see it live.

Local Time of Beijing Opening Ceremony in few countries

Washington D.C., USA 08:00am Friday (EDT)
Ottawa, Canada 08:00am Friday (EDT)
United Kingdom 01:00pm Friday (BST)
China 08:00pm Friday (CST)
India 05:30pm Friday (IST)
Canberra, Australia 10:00pm Friday (EST)
Time in Japan 09:00pm Friday (JST)
Republic of Korea 09:00pm Friday (KST)
France 02:00pm Friday (CEST)
Germany 02:00pm Friday (CEST)