Wondering why babies cry all of a sudden!!

When we have a baby at home, it’s a day to day part of our life that the babies cry. We might wonder what would be the reason for their cries. Today they will cry for some reason, tomorrow some other. How do we find out what is going on in his/her mind?

Here are the basic reasons why babies cry:

1. HUNGER – The very first thing you need to see is, whether the baby is hungry. Your baby shows some signs for his hunger. The last stage of hunger is crying. So look for the signs like fussing, smacking of lips, rooting (when you place your hand on their cheeks they automatically turn their head towards you), and finally putting their hands to their mouth. All these signs are found in newborns. So get to know them as soon as possible because as days goes they slowly do not show these signs, instead they cry. Baby-cry

2. TO GULP – While feeding if he cries, that means he trying to swallow the milk. By crying their throat expands and the milk goes in easily.

3. BURP – If he cries continuously while feeding, that means he needs to be burped. Once the feeding is over, try to put him on your shoulder and burp him.

4. DIAPER CHANGE – Your baby gets irritated if the diaper is full. He might not be able to pee when the diaper is full. If he had pooped and the diaper is left for long, you can find the skin to turn pink. This will cause pain for your little one. As days goes by like this, then they will start having rash which is even more painful for them. So whenever you notice that your baby is pooping, try to change the diaper immediately.

5. NEEDS SLEEP – We might think living a life of a baby is the most joyful days. But if you see, babies does not know to sleep. They cannot even tell you that they are having difficulties in sleeping. They cry when they are over tired and do not know how to go to sleep.

6. NEEDS TO WAKE UP – To my surprise today morning, my baby cried continuously. We could not console him whatever we did. Then my mother told me that he was crying to wake up. So gently help him to get up from his sleep.

7. TUMMY TROUBLES – When your baby has gas problems, he will cry a lot. This can be there for three days or even more. Or your baby can be constipating. So do something to cure this condition and help him be free.

8. SMALL REASONS – A hair might be wrapped on to his finger or somewhere which would cut off his circulation. While taking off the hair, be careful because the hair might cut the skin of your baby. Even a clothing tag or the texture of the clothes might be disturbing him.


9. STIMULATION – Your baby might be sensitive to loud sounds or bright light sometimes. Try to find which one is affecting him and try to calm him down. Some babies likes people to be around him. If that is the case, take him to your friends house or a play area for sometime. Sometimes baby needs some movement. Put him in his car seat and take him for a round.

10. NOT WELL – Check his temperature and other other signs of illness. If you are not able to get him calm down, get him to your doctor.

11. TEETHING – When your baby first develops his tooth, that can be disturbing him and causing him to cry. Even for adults, the most sensitive and painful area is our tooth. Touch your baby’s gums to feel if there is something hard coming out. So give something for them to ease him.

12. DREAMS – Yesterday my baby started crying around 3 in the afternoon and this continued till 6. He was smiling and laughing a moment and another moment he cried, I could say screamed a lot with his eyes closed. We decided that he was dreaming something that made him afraid. At this point, he needed someone to be with him. So we were holding him continuously and when he woke up at 6, he was smiling and playing with us.

13. TOO COLD OR HOT – If your baby is feeling cold or hot or sultry, he will cry. So dress him accordingly and cover him.

14. WANTS TO BE HELD – Its just that our baby needs to be held and cuddled. Babies like to see their parents’ faces, voices, smell and their heart beat. So hold him for sometime.

15. LEFT ALONE – Last but not least, they want their time alone too. So let them be alone for sometime. They will stop crying after a few minutes. We usually leave him alone in the room for sometime in his cradle. He looks at the lights and the dolls for sometime and sleeps on his own.

If you still find your baby crying, take him to his doctor immediately.

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