You dream a PC, Asus builds it, Intel inside it

wepc2 Finally the big boys are “all ears for us”. This is great attempt by them to get an insight about what consumers want. Although we can choose the hardware and software and build our PC that has never been it all. Our mind still longs for a something that these computers manufacturers would never give us, which would make our life very easy.

wepc1 All this time this has just been a Dream, how it can become a reality. No! You don’t write to Intel or Asus with your wonderful idea. They invite you share your small/big idea or break through innovation thought.

I would like to say Thank you guys.

You are allowed to give very complete description, configuration, your drawing sketches, animations about computer. That makes it whole stuff interesting and also gives a better picture about what the person is talking about.

Mike Hoefflinger, general manager of Intel’s Partner Marketing Group, said in a statement "Intel believes the spark for innovation can come from anywhere".

You can access the site You can share idea, vote for idea written and join the community to do wonders.

I have read really innovative, cool and crazy ideas. Here are a few:

1 . Something as simple as a notebook with a passive touch screen. But not something with a low DPI. Say for an artist with a little more of a hands on approach

2. Water-resistant case, Waterproof sealed keyboard, Floating laptop shell.

3. Portable handheld comp, 8×10 in dimension with Clickable Thumb Cursor.

4. Dedicated netbook and e-reader, big roll out screen, color e-paper, touch screen as well.

Future of PC is in your hands, so visit the site and as star trek captain would say "Make it so"

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