Never Miss An Important EMail/SMS With Vibration Notifier App

Vibration_NotifierWorried about missing important emails/sms/missed calls as your mobile vibrates only once when you are away from mobile? Don’t worry! Vibration Notifier app is there to fix the problem on your Android phones.

Author describes the app as “When you have a missed call or an unread SMS, the app keeps vibrating every X minutes for Y times or until you turn on the display of your device.”

What is best with this app is that you can tweak as you like. Want your mobile to vibrate repeatedly for missed calls alone? You can just check Missed Calls option and un-check mails and SMS. You don’t want your mobile to vibrate forever? Configure to vibrate 5 times (or any other number) . You can even configure it to vibrate until the screen is unlocked.

This looks like a very promising app for Android mobiles but the App is not yet available on Android Market. Developer has posted this app on XDA Developers Forum.

Vibration Notifier | via Life Hacker

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