Browse News Websites Quickly Using Google’s ‘Fast Flip’

Google_FastFlipGoogle has launched a new service called Fast Flip that lets us to read online magazines and newspapers quickly without any unnatural delays.

Highlights of Fast Flip Service:

  • Provides news articles from top media sources like BBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post.
  • Also contains articles from top magazines like Atlantic, BusinessWeek, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Newsweek and Popular Mechanics and online news sites TechCrunch, Salon and Slate.
  • It allows us to browse articles by topics or by popularity like ‘most viewed’, ‘most popular’ and even ‘recommended’.

  • By using the big arrows we can flip through the news content very fast and in very natural way.We can also click on the topic to dig into deeper.
  • We can also share content with friends and social networking members.
  • Google is also planning mobile version for the same service.

Check it out now: Google Fast Flip

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  1. I just saw this earlier today. There are several different methods out there for making your google search and lot faster and a lot more informative especially from a seo perspective. Thanks for the post

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